Discover the cost-saving benefits of the market’s only removable liftgate. Reduce expenses and increase efficiency with this innovative solution.

you need some new equipment for your heavy cargo shipments? Whether you own a fleet of pickup trucks or sprinter vans, having some liftgate machinery is critical to saving time and money on each load. If you are reading this, you are probably already looking into trying a hitch lift of some sort. Most liftgate manufacturers provide permanently installed lifts for each truck or van, which can add up quickly. But what if you could buy just one for your entire fleet and cut the costs? Here at LiftGator, we offer the only removable liftgate on the market.

How Can a Removable Liftgate Cut Your Costs?

With most lift manufacturers, it is essential to know that you must purchase a liftgate for every vehicle you need to use it for. This adds up to a high cost for the equipment itself as well as installment fees. And if you ever need to remove them, that’s another story. By using a removable liftgate, you can save big bucks with minimal effort. And if attaching a liftgate yourself sounds intimidating, not to worry. We’ll show you step-by-step how easy it can be.

How To Use Your Removable Liftgate

Attaching and using your LiftGator removable liftgate only requires four easy steps!

  1. Roll and secure the Liftgator unit to your truck or van.
  2. Position the leg stabilizers.
  3. Lower the platform to load and raise cargo into the vehicle.
  4. Place your LiftGator back in the appropriate driving position.

Get In Touch To See If Our Removable Liftgate Is For You!

Check out our liftgate products online to learn more or contact one of our local retailers to get started. When you simplify your methods for loading heavy cargo, you can save money and time. Get your shipments out faster, more effectively, and with fewer accidents.

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