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It works fantastic! My dad was able to go out and pick up a snowblower by himself, no ramps or pushing needed.

All and Awl Repair

I love that I can have my tailgate back when I don’t need the liftgate.


Whether it’s a drum of acid or an irrigation pump, having a LiftGator removable liftgate makes my days in the field 5x easier.

Watson Ag Irrigationt

Being able to add a liftgate to any of our trucks is invaluable, saving the company time and money.

Ramirez Custom Construction

One guy can move anything from toolboxes to race motors.

Sigler Motorsports Solutions

Safety is a priority with everything we do. For us, the LiftGator is really a no brainer.

Bay Area Rapid Transit

Keep on Vehicle Long-term, Share Among Vehicles, or Easily Store When Not in Use.

2 Page Price LIst (1920 x 1080 px) (1198 x 730 px) (2000 x 822 px) (1)

3 Minutes to Heavy Lifting

Don't Modify Your Valuable Vehicle! Get a LiftGator! No vehicle Modificaitons Needed!

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