Discover how investing in a removable truck liftgate can lead to significant cost savings. Explore the benefits and efficiency it brings to your business.

When you are leading a fleet of heavy-load vehicles, there are so many aspects to consider. Maybe you have seen or heard of liftgates used by other professionals, but you might have also found out that they can get expensive for every truck.

Well, what if we told you that your financial worries are over when you use this, one-of-a-kind removable truck liftgate?

First of All, What Exactly is a Liftgate?

A liftgate is machinery that installs on the rear of your truck or van. It allows you to lower a secure platform, place a heavy load onto it, and lift it at the level of the bed of the truck without hassle.


But There’s One Flaw:

Although this piece of technology has changed the way we handle transportation methods, there is one flaw. Once you install a liftgate onto your truck, it is there to stay. Usually, when you purchase a truck liftgate, you need a professional to come out and install, taking time out of your day and money out of your wallet. There is, however, a solution to avoid this.

Introducing the Removable Truck Liftgate

If you have a fleet of trucks, it can get pricey to equip every truck with a liftgate. When you use LiftGator, you can easily attach, use, and remove your liftgate in a matter of minutes.

How Does It Work?

Attaching and utilizing your The LiftGator removable truck liftgate is as easy as four simple steps!

  1. Roll and secure the Liftgator unit to your truck or van.
  2. Position the leg stabilizers.
  3. Lower the platform to load and raise cargo into the vehicle.
  4. Place your LiftGator back in the appropriate driving position.

Contact LiftGator to Try Our Removable Truck Liftgate

Create more efficiency and spend less money on your transportation efforts. If you are searching for a better way to load your commercial truck if you are looking for a better way to load your commercial trucks, give LiftGator a call today! We have local retailers across the United States for easy pickup.

Begin to simplify your transportation methods by giving our removable truck liftgate a try. We offer part replacement as well, so your LiftGator can last even longer!

We look forward to helping you fulfill your heavy-loading goals.

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