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We have been working hard for the past year to bring our quality to the standard you expect. Whether it is the first time you have seen our units or you have worked with us in the past, we are confident you will like what you see.
Wiring Harness Redesign

We have reduced the number of wires and the pinch points. There are no more bundles and a mess of wires. There are no more pinch points where the wires get shredded by the pulley system. We have significantly reduced the number of wires that are needed to operate the system by removing unneeded limit switches and by changing the electric stabilizer we use.


Redesigned Mount Tube

We have now beveled our male hitch adapter which makes for a more seamless installation and removal.

New Battery & Charger

The old batteries were an issue. We decided to go with a trusted AGM battery with Duracell. We also took out the cheap trickle charger in the system and replaced it with a high-quality Duracell charger. The old trickle charger had some issues with draining the battery when not in use, we no longer have this issue with our revamped charging solution.

Updated Cart Stop

A simpler design means that our cart stop is more functional and takes less time to assemble.

Corrosion Control

Living in the midwest, we are no stranger to wear of inclement weather on our vehicles. The previous versions of LiftGator's were built with warm climates in mind. We have taken that into consideration and have overhauled the protection that our customers need.

  • New durable powder coat finish
  • Zinc plated motor spool and parts in "splash zone"
  • Added covers to the spool motors
  • Electric stabilizers are now water-resistant
  • Water-resistant solder crimps on electrical connections
  • Powder-coated torsion spring on VanGator units
  • Zinc plated hardware
  • Higher viscosity grease for spool motor
Pinch Point Reduction

We removed the two links on either side of the platforms and now use sleeved chains. There was an issue when these getting tight over time, the chains look better and provide better functionality.

VanGator folding liftgate lift-gate
Updated Tilt Handle

We have updated our tilt handle and the mechanism that folds down our VanGator units. We are using a solid piece of aluminum, new threaded rods with heim joints. There is now a smooth operation when using this new handle.

New Internal HItch Clamp

Our new Gen II TruckGator has an internal hitch clamp system. A bolt powers an internal lever that presses against the inside of your hitch receiver to provide stability.

TG Gen II Hitch 2
Gen II Storage Box 2
Fully Enclosed Locked Storage

Our new Gen II TruckGator has a completely enclosed, lockable storage space. This is a great space to store your LiftGator skates, ratchet straps, tools, etc.

Protective Delivery Crate

We redesigned our crate to ensure that damage with your freight is mitigated.

LG Crate 1


Other Improvements
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