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Successful Fleet Practices

The most fiscally successful fleets use these and other fleet practices to reduce their initial fleet costs.

Purchasing Practices

Setup multi-year contracts.
Negotiate pricing with vendors.
Utilize cooperative purchasing agreements.
Develop purchase price agreements/assurances.
Fleet Updates & Disposals

Developing a fleet updating plan takes time, but the long-term fleet savings it will provide your fleet is worth the effort.

Take a detailed inventory of your entire fleet.
What tasks are accomplished by each vehicle or piece of equipment?
What is the monthly mileage of each vehicle or hour use of each piece of equipment?
Do you have vehicles or equipment that are no longer cost effective to operate?
Do you have vehicles or equipment that are no longer fulling their intended purpose?
Do you have vehicles or equipment that can be shared efficiently?
Can any vehicles be replaced by lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles?
Do you have vehicles that have excessive downtime?
Do you have vehicles that consistently have excessive service/repair costs?
Establish parameters for when to update vehicles and equipment. Some examples:
Rising Cost of Ownership
Safety Concerns
Risk of Breakdown
Risk of Downtime
Cost to Replace
Cost of Maintenance
Cost of Insurance
Resale Value
Right Size Your Fleet

Righting sizing your fleet provides both upfront and long-term savings.

Determine what the optimal number of vehicles or pieces of equipment that are required to safely and properly support the fleet’s needs.
Remove underutilized vehicles or equipment from the fleet.
Reallocate underutilized vehicles or equipment.
Ensure vehicles align with their actual driver’s function. i.e., an employee who never hauls anything being assigned a light duty truck.
Benefits of Right Sizing and Developing a Fleet Updating Plan
Allows you to better predict preventative maintenance costs and will help you avoid major repairs.
Significant fuel operating cost reduction and fuel savings.
Higher resale value of retired fleet vehicles.
Happier, more appreciative and productive employees.
Updated vehicle safety features.
Less downtime.
Overall long-term cost savings.

LiftGator appreciates playing a small part in our customers fleet success. Our commercial grade, removeable and shareable liftgates can help provide your fleet savings and additional safety for your valued employees.

Bryan Mernaugh

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