Liftgate, tail lift, whatever term you use, LiftGator Liftgates has you covered. Elevate your fleet capabilities with LiftGator removable, shareable, commercial grade, 1,300 lbs. capacity truck liftgates and van liftgates!

🔧 Easy Installation: A LiftGator truck liftgate or van liftgate is easily installed or removed in under five minutes, LiftGator liftgates are a breeze to attach and remove, saving you time and money, while allowing you to share liftgates among vehicles in your fleet.

✂ Don’t cut into your valuable vehicle. Unlike traditional permanently mounted liftgates, LiftGator truck liftgates and van liftgates require no vehicle modifications!

🚚 Installed externally of the cargo area utilizing the receiver hitch, the VanGator van liftgate frees up valuable cargo space, allowing you to be more efficient.

💪 Heavy-Duty Performance: With a robust design and 1,300 pound capacity, LiftGator truck liftgates and van liftgates can handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity with LiftGator liftgates! The robust design allows LiftGator liftgates to last multiple vehicle cycles. Get your LiftGator truck liftgate and van liftgate today!

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